Pickering Lands Housing Demolitions

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The project was comprised of but not limited to: Demolition of structures at up to 60 sites located at the Pickering Lands Site in the Pickering Lands Site area, Ontario. Majority of the sites were residential, and consisted of various outbuildings (barns, garages, sheds, silos etc.), one was a schoolhouse, a few were residences to be relocated in the future, some were strictly foundation removal followed by backfilling.


Prior to demolition, all services were disconnected and/or capped. Designated substance surveys were completed, and all hazardous substances found  (lead, asbestos etc.) were appropriately and professionally abated. Non-hazardous wastes were also removed and disposed of. Several sites contained wells, cisterns, septic tanks and fuel tanks that were all decommissioned prior to demolition.

The project was split into two phases. Phase 2 consisted of 15 properties for which Frontier put together several demolition crews so as to crunch the schedule down to just 4 weeks.

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